Website Launch – John Graham-Pole, Author

Eckova is pleased to announce the launch of a website and social media for John Graham-Pole, an author and retired children’s cancer specialist.

The website features John’s past books, articles and poems and his activities in Arts and Health.  We look forward to the publication of his upcoming book.

Visit the website and sign up on the Facebook page for updates.

Website Launch – La Société des Acadiens de la Région de Tor Baie

Designed the website with photo galleries, blog posts and integration of Facebook social media.  Trained the organization administrators to manage the content.

This non-profit volunteer organization represents Acadians who live in, or have links and interest in the Tor Bay region of Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Its goals are to promote and encourage Acadian culture, genealogy and history research and sharing this information with all who are interested in the Tor Bay Acadian families and communities.Society des Acadien de la rRegion de Tor Baie