Eckova Film and Media Production  works with nonprofits and small business to develop effective marketing and communications strategies including websites, social media, email marketing, and video to effectively communicate with your target audiences.

Eckova works with nonprofits of different sizes in a variety of fields to use Internet technologies successfully streamline operations and workflow, resulting in savings and greater operating efficiencies. We can help your organization increase membership and donations, manage events , online dues collection and fund raising, quick access to members contact management, electronic newsletters, and communicate to members, donors and the general public. Click to see more about Nonprofit Needs and Challenges

Small Business
Eckova combines experience in consulting, technology and business savvy resulting from years of experience in developing Internet solutions for business, industry, education, startups and established businesses.  Marketing and communications is our business and we can work with you as your marketing partner.

Denise Davies
Denise Davies is an international consultant working with nonprofits on internet and media strategies.  She provides business consulting and training, planning and implementation of marketing and communications projects.

Eckova Film and Media Production is a registered Canadian company based in Nova Scotia.