Documentary Films

I am part of the Eckova International team producing the following international videos. My role is as pre-production planning, script writing, production support, marketing and distribution.

1784: (Un)Settling Antigonish

A year-long journey (October 2014-2015) of cross-cultural community-building and truth and reconciliation led to our creating and performing 1784: (Un)Settling Antigonish. Our community theatre production—rather, pilgrimage—performed by a cast of 30 spanning all ages, ethnicities, and levels of experience, has taught us our shared history. The documentary film has been produced to share with educators, community development workers, and all those excited about bridge-building through speaking truth to history.  The film premiered at the Antigonish International Film Festival in October 2016.  See more about this film

The People’s Place: The People’s Space

How did the small town of Antigonish move from an old cramped and poor library to a beautiful facility that has become a hub of activity on Main Street? How did this from day one really become “The People’s Place” The People’s Place from opening day has been a vibrant and important hub of community life in Antigonish. It is much more than a library as a place to borrow books. It is a center for the arts, culture, social activities, learning and interaction for all ages, business meetings. It is a place for meeting, planning, enjoying, learning, entertainment, engagement, improvement, and more. We now cannot think of Main Street without the People’s Place. Premiere at the Antigonish International Film Festival 2013. See more at