“Denise’s excellent knowledge of social media and her ability to communicate things in an understandable and clear way is highly commendable. She really helped me grow my business and learn how to use social media more effectively.”

Anne Camozzi, artist and writer

Denise was a pleasure to work with on the AHA! online project, Spellbound by Nature (spellbound.artshealthantigonish.org). She well-understood the goal of the project and worked diligently to help us achieve that goal. She was patient with questions and revisions, and responsive to requests in a timely manner. She knew very clearly the capacities and limitations of the platform she was using. Denise had great suggestions and was willing to work with various members of the team to enhance the site. She worked hard to help us meet a summer deadline for the site launch.

Denise has a wonderful grasp of using social media as a promotional tool and formulated a plan for increasing the visibility and the use of this project. Our team is so very grateful to her for assisting with this. Denise’s expertise, experience and personality make her a joy to work with.

Liz Brennan, Arts Health Antigonish

Denise is a highly skilled social media and video producer/educator who has a rich global experience successfully introducing citizens and new communities with new tools to inform, educate, persuade and influence change in their societies.

Olga Gladkikh, Senior Program Staff, Advocacy & Citizen Engagement, Coady International Institute

As a former teacher, Denise excels at making strong connections in adult learning environments. She is current with media and communications trends, and helps learners understand the importance of strategy first, tools second. I highly recommend Denise should your organization need an experienced consultant with proven capabilities in media communications.

Richard Perry, Media and Communications Officer – Coady International Institute

Denise designed the web site and FaceBook for Imagine Antigonish, a Virtual Gallery of Heritage Photos for Community Health. She listens carefully and asks questions about enhancements that we did not even know to ask. Denise is a pleasure to work with and offers so much more than her itemized list of costs — such as one-on-one tutorials to help us make the most of the web site and link to other social media. We posed a a very tight timeline to pull together this content-rich web site, complete with photo uploads and commentaries (www.imagineantigonish.ca). She made it all happen on schedule, even as she was taking a once-in-a-lifetime cross-Canada train trip by rail. We were hard pressed to limit the description of her service to three top attributes!

Dorothy Lander, Adult Education Professor (Retired) at St. Francis Xavier University

I can not say enough about the quality of Denise’s work. She has been outstanding in helping me build my business. Extremely easy to work with. Great creative ideas.Her honesty, sincerity, and work ethics are nothing short of amazing.This lady would be an asset to any business.After working with her I am proud to call her… friend.

Anna Decoste, Founder & Owner at The Made in Nova Scotia Store

Comments from Social Media Seminar participants, series of workshops May 2014

  • All sessions were very well organized. Appreciated the allowance for questions throughout.
  • Both very informative, if a bit overwhelming for a “networking hermit”.
  • There was just enough information for each session to grasp the topics. There were local examples to interest me in studying their websites and Facebook pages. Meeting with the same people created a relaxed learning atmosphere. The first session at the library really made me intrigued to learn more.
    great class got some really good info and ideas
  • I picked up many hints on how to handle a mass mailing.  Thank you, Denise
  • some very good ideas I hope to follow-up on come this winter.
  • Great workshops.
  • I could, however, benefit from a more in depth course with some hands on time. But it was a good course for the time span, probably most useful for someone who is already familiar with social networking.
  • There was enough review and an atmosphere that welcomed questions. 12 people was a good number for learning something new.
  • I was extremely satisfied with the content and delivery of the information. It rejuvenated my interest in social media and made me want to immediately apply my new knowledge. Constant Contact was new information and I appreciated learning more information about advertising on Facebook.
  • I love your approach of try one thing and then go from there. You make everything less intimidating. Thanks Denise!
  • very informative and well put together.
  • content relevant, accessible, basic ( so perfect for me )   I enjoyed the networking as well;


  • The importance of tying all social media together, as well as a whole lot of little things: email list & newsletter. Facebook: post 3X/wk, how to build audience, navigating, & importance of shares & likes. Tracking activity, picmonkey.
  • Helpful technical tips to implement right away, and learning about new and emerging businesses and services in the local area.
  • How to get your information/product seen
  • That I need to get out there and get connected to be able to make a business work. And I have a few ideas where to start now.
  • To use the internet more and take time to analyze the content for the actions and reasons for internet marketing covered. To try one of the methods Facebook, and use my email properly. Try Constant Contact.
  • linking every thing together so I only have to type info., in once
  • Also networking opportunity was good
  • I have to build a Internet , strategy and I have a clear vision of what needs to be done ( list of taks, to do list)
    Internet is a key component to marketing and to have everything linked to your website. Lots of other useful information.
  • Web page design and layout