Film Production

Film is a powerful communications medium. Through visual images, stories, music and sound within a short time you can reach the hearts and minds of the viewer in ways that are not possible through the written word. With the advances in technologies and the access to new distribution channels it is now possible for even small organizations to reach out to a much larger audience than they had access to before.
Eckova is a full service film production company. We work with agencies, nonprofits, foreign production companies and film makers, providing the full range of pre production, production and post production services, including crew, equipment, transportation and local knowledge. Our in-house services include.

  • Concept
  • Research
  • Story development
  • Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
  • Preproduction
  • Production
  • Edit and post
  • Motion graphics
  • Titling
  • Animation & 3D
  • Sound
  • Music

Types of Films

Documentary Films – A documentary film is effective in presenting a story and an in depth look into a social condition, lives of people, the environment or a social issue. A documentary at its best, makes a connection with its viewers to build knowledge, raise awareness, make an emotional connection or create a call to action. A documentary can be based on a specific project – or it may be related to the mission and objectives of your organization.

Fundraising video – A fund raising video can be an effective tool in helping your organization raise funds from international donor agencies and individual donors. The visual impact of a video creates a much quicker understanding of the social issue. It shows in a visual way the impact or need of your project. Use the video to show your clients and donors the situations you are dealing with. Include a “call to action”

Public Service Announcements (PSA) – PSAs are short – usually 30 seconds, and are used primarily on television to raise awareness, change attitudes, change behavior, get people to act and build involvement, create brand awareness and reach a wide spectrum of people at all socio economic levels. PSAs are also suitable for posting on your website and on Internet video channels.

Corporate profile – interviews with key people, board, Executive director, clients, mission, services. Distribute the film on Internet and on DVDs. Use at conference presentations and introductions.

Training Videos – Use video to train field officers, clients, spread new technologies. To learn more about how your organization can benefit from training videos

Ongoing Project Documentation – A visual record of your project activities, milestones, planning, before and after, successes, and impacts should be considered from day 1 of your project. This visual record in video and still photography will be a valuable addition to providing a record and model for other projects, and for communicating with your donors, sponsors and interested community members. Contact us for details on how we can work with you to provide on-going support of your project.

Social Media Videos – Videos and social networks are now major marketing components for companies trying to reach new customers. The average internet user has a limited attention span. Videos grab them in their busy lives.  Social Media videos tell a short story, engage interest, present a product, testimonial from a customer, employee profile, present your location in 30 seconds to 1 minute. Videos are prepared for Facebook, LinkedIN, TripAdvisor, YouTube or other social media.

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