Consulting Services

Not sure where to start? Deciding if you need a website or is Facebook enough?  How can you build your business?  How can you find supporters for your non-profit?  What to do first on your marketing?  Where are you getting your content?  Who is your target audience?  How do you find them?  Would video be a good addition to your marketing?

There may be many questions going through your mind as you manage your business or build your non-profit organization.

I provide the following tailor-made consulting services:

  • Meet and learn your current status and your objectives
  • Create options and go over the choices. What will work best for you? Who will implement a plan? What is your budget?
  • Create an implementation plan
  • Train you or your staff

Denise Davies, Consultant

Denise works with nonprofits and small business on internet and media strategies.




Skills and Strengths:

  • Planning and implementation of effective Internet Strategies.
  • Development of Requirement Specifications and needs assessments for Internet and information management planning
  • Training workshops and seminars for staff, board, stakeholders and managers to use Internet based management solutions and social media.
  • Creating websites and Internet marketing and communications solutions for effective communications that integrate with statistical and tracking reports
  • Planning, producing and directing documentary films
  • Concept development, research and production review for video documentaries
  • Business development and client management for internet and film projects
  • Planning and implementation of marketing strategies
  • Managing diverse and virtual teams of consultants, developers and film production crews for a global client base