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your webThe Internet is an important platform and component of your media strategy. It includes your website, email newsletter, online presence in social media sites, online articles and press releases and all the many ways that people now communicate via the web. Eckova has a dedicated experienced Internet team that designs, develops and manages international projects. We can advise and implement building the ROI for your films by promoting them via the array of platforms available on the Internet and broaden your reach and success. We work with nonprofits and small businesses of all sizes – from startups to those with larger organizations and experience.

Internet Assessment

  • We begin with a detailed assessment of your current operations, methodology and workflow, working with the board, the management and key staff, review your current level and use of technology, and finally make specific sets of recommendations, benefits and ROI details.
  • Meet with board, ED, Director of Development, Communications Manager, Fund development manager, and Managers of programs and services to identify current processes.
  • Review current website and social media
  • Prepare an Internet Strategy document including suggestions, benefits, strategies to improve marketing, branding, reach, communications, work flow improvements. Recommendations on how to develop the project in phases, give options, costs and timelines. Recommendations on funding sources.

Internet Strategy and Design

  • Identify target audiences, profiles, needs
  • Identify content and sources
  • Identify the benefits and ROI
  • Plan interactive components for communications, registration, event calendars, membership, volunteer management, donations, ecommerce, searchable directories and other custom modules.
  • Content management tools for easy updating of areas of the site that needs frequent updates.
  • Design the website structure, hierarchy, concept and layouts
  • Develop the plan for content sources, develop the website and work collaboratively with the organization to review, test and launch the site.
  • Setup hosting, domain names, email accounts if required

Online Social Media

  • Strategy, setup and training for online media communications
  • Facebook Pages and Groups, Facebook Events
  • LinkedIN networking
  • Blogging – design, structure and training on managing your blog
  • YouTube and video channels
  • Online articles and Press Releases

Website Management

  • Content management and updating

Online Marketing Communications

  • Email newsletter strategy
  • Email newsletters – design, setup, content layout, linking and effective use
  • Training on reports and management
  • Building email lists

If you have needs in any of these areas – or would like to discuss how your business or organization can use the Internet effectively – please contact for a free initial consulting session.

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