Nonprofit Needs & Challenges

Nonprofits lose a large part of their funds and resources by not utilizing them effectively. For a successful nonprofit to grow, it must include technology and Internet as an integral component of its strategic plans. Nonprofits can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing a sensible Internet and technology strategy. These are funds that can be directly applied to real projects.

The challenges range from things as simple as effective email management to those such as event management, membership databases, online collection of event registrations and membership fees. Challenges are found in the areas of Communications, Managing Information, Managing People, and Sources of Revenue.


  • Difficulty in reaching target audiences in a cost effective way
  • Expensive and long production time for print newsletters – printing, proofing cycle, mailing costs, addressing, labels. Time sensitive information is difficult to get out to target groups.
  • Internal communications are complicated for setting up group calendars, work groups of specific projects need to share documents, and people working in branch offices or from external locations have difficulty staying in the loop.
  • Communications TO the organization from the target groups is not easy or effective.
  • Communications are one way and little feedback from target audiences

Managing Information

  • Managing contact lists for clients, volunteers, alliances, donors, prospects, PR is complicated. There is often duplication of effort to maintain lists, underutilized valuable information, not using effectively because of difficulty in accessing all or selected groups for specific purposes.
  • Articles and reports produced by the organization are not easily accessible and are under utilized.
  • Managing processes for events, workshops, signups, registration, payments and tracking are complicated and time consuming. Reports are difficult to generate or must be done manually.
  • Managing membership information is difficult. Tracking member dues and creating member directories, mailing lists and training the person who manages membership are all time consuming or not done at all because of difficulties.

Managing People

  • It is difficult to managing volunteers and employees to assign tasks, track progress, track hours, since many people are working on part time and from multiple locations.

Sources of Revenue

  • Need more methods to attract donors and sponsors.
  • Need easier methods for having people become members, register for events and workshops, or purchase items and to pay by credit card or check.
  • Need a sustainable revenue source not dependent on donors, sponsors or grants.